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    dapperbag… revelation for a designer diaper bags revolution

    Motherhood is full of firsts. The first time my waist line exceeded my bust line, the first time I valued sleep more than money and the first time I found myself obsessed with documenting and photographing my child’s first time doing just about anything. The only “first-time” I didn’t embrace, was the moment I discovered that I would have to set aside my unique taste and love of fashion for a fundamental tool of motherhood, the diaper bag.

    Utility was everywhere but style was nowhere. I tried to force my favorite handbag into a new realm, unfortunately, my handbag didn’t transform willingly. I could never fit everything inside,it was awkward to carry and it became a black hole for my keys and cell phone. I was grief stricken when a faulty sippy-cup led to a massive stain, and forced my expensive repurposed handbag into early retirement.

    (Moment of conception, dapperbag is born)

    dapperbag is the union of runway design and versatility. Each bag features the luxury you prefer and the function you require. Sophisticated style, clever details, striking hardware and premium leathers join multiple strap options, structured space, stain-repelling and liquid resistant fabric to form our ultimate vision, opulence with durability. Each bag is uniquely crafted with one of a kind hand picked leather.

    (dapperbag all grown up)

    Although its original intention, you don’t have to be a mom to have a dapperbag. dapperbag is proud to expand their market to more than moms and provide a chic option for the everyday women looking for a luxury leather bag or backpack.A dapperbag is timeless.Carry it during motherhood for the function; carry it always for the fashion.Truly, motherhood and fashion intertwined.