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    "I'm not a mom and I LOVE my Durango! I'm a small business owner who works with clients all over the country. That means I spend a lot of time on the road. The Longmont is the perfect carry-on bag for short business trips. I can pack a change of clothes in the bottom compartment and have plenty of room in the main bag for my laptop, paperwork, chargers, bathroom stuff, anything else I need. Plus, it looks GREAT and professional which means I can go straight from the airport to the client's board room without having to drag a giant bag behind me. I've been using this bag for a year and it still looks as amazing as the day I got it!"
         -CEO Wilems Resource Group, LLC
    "First bag I've ever owned that I use as my diaper bag, purse, and gym bag and I don't have to switch purses on date night. Love love."
         -Brandi M.
    "I just LOVE my dapperbag! Six weeks in and it has been great. It's beautiful and functional. (I was worried that I might be making a first time mom mistake by getting a "pretty bag"... I accidentally spilled milk in it last week and it cleaned so easily!!) I love that I feel like I'm just going out with a purse. ? and I love all of the pockets that keep me organized."
         -Jessica F.
    "I am absolutely in LOVE with my dapperbag!! It's gorgeous, fashionable, functional and I get compliments on it all the time. The quality is top notch, too!!"
         -Tasha Macintosh
    "I purchased the Durango a year ago because it was such an amazing bag and I LOVE it for travel. I even took it with me on Safari in South Africa. It had room for my water bottle, bug spray, binoculars, jackets for me and my husband, bug spray, tissues - literally everything we needed. I used it as a backpack and quickly converted it to a shoulder bag so I could still feel fancy when we went to dinner in the lodge."
         -K. Busenbark
    "I Love my Dapperbags! I current have both the Durango and the Longmont bags and use both for different occasions due to the sizes. I love the Longmont for short outings around the town; making it convenient to use as a diaper bag as well as my purse. As for the Durango, the size is wonderful for long days and overnight trips. Both bags are very easy to carry. I love the ability to be hands free and carry as a backpack or a shoulder bag. The changing pads as well as the interior of the bag are so easy to clean as you can just wipe them. Over all I am very pleased with my bags!" 
         -Sarah Larson
    "I love these bags and would not know what to do without them.  Before Francine introduced me to these bags I did not know what I was missing.  The convenience of carrying one bag for my personal items and baby necessities is truly a lifesaver.  All of the compartments are great so all of your items are not thrown into one compartment in the bag.  Especially the phone and credit card holders, I use to misplace these items all the time.  The changing pad has to be my favorite feature because of how easy it is to clean off and looks like a clutch purse itself." 
         -Reneé Whitley
    "We are expecting our first child in December! YAY! I already owned a Durango which I use constantly for travel (and LOVE!). But I recently acquired a Longmont in anticipation of our son's arrival. I have already started using it - it's a little smaller than the Durango, which is GREAT for every day use. That being said, it's still big enough to hold everything I need. I can easily fit my laptop, chargers - anything I need to be able to access while I'm in flight or in a client's office. It's SO easy to switch from a shoulder bag to a backpack in both of these bags, that's probably my favorite thing. When my hands are full and I'm busy, I can easily switch to a backpack and have my hands free while still looking cute! But when things slow down? I'm back to high style fashion with a high quality leather shoulder bag."
         -Kimberly W.
    "I have both the Sedalia and the Longmont.  I use the Sedalia for traveling out of town because I can fit more in the bag for long trips.  I use the Longmont for my everyday bag, I love the ease of being able to change from shoulder bag to wearing as a backpack.  Whether you are a expecting, new, or veteran mom these bags will make your life a whole lot easier and as a plus they are stylish too.  Thank you dapperbag for making this busy mom's life some much easier."
         -R. Gilmore
    "I get so many compliments on my Longmont Dapperbag. It's so fashionable and carries all of my mom necessities! The leather looks so cute with any outfit, and is easily dressed up or down."
         -Chloe H.
    "We ABSOLUTELY love my dapper bag! And i say "WE" because my husband loves it as much as i do. One of the main things that we love about the dapper bag is its versatility. When i have my hands full my husband turns into the back pack so he can use it too! Lol. I have the black dapper bag and it's the perfect bag for on the go, traveling, and stylish enough for a every day bag. The dapper bag is the ultimate must have for any mom..I'm looking forward to expanding my collection."
         -Shanise S.
    "I tried 3 other diaper bags before getting my dapperbag. Finally I have found one I can stick with. I love the large pocket inside so I can separate the diaper items from his food/clothes/bottles. I also love the outside zipper pocket with room for my personal items. The look is beautiful, and I love that it can be worn as a purse or a backpack. It's durable and stylish! Definitely recommend!!!"
        -Stephanie D.
    "I got the "Longmount" as a gift and I LOVE IT! It's stylish, easy to travel with and stores A LOT of baby necessities. I love pockets and boy does it have pockets. MUST HAVE!!"
        -Tracy J.
    "I have had my dapperbag for over a year now. I love it! My family travels alot and the Durango is perfect to pack everything for our little one! When we are home, I use my Longmont bag for our families daily routine! I have asked hubby for the Sedalia bag, hoping for new dapperbag for Christmas this year!"
        -Michelle P.