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  • Designer Baby Bags for the Workplace Posted on 21 Sep 00:00

    While there are most businesses across the country that obviously will not allow their employees to bring their babies to work with them, there are some that are actually allowing parents to do this. This is all thanks in large part to a special infants-at-work policy, which enables a parent to both bring and care for their baby at their place of work until the baby turns six months of age. The designer baby bags from dapperbag are a perfect fit for a stylish, working mother who is able to bring her bundle of joy to the workplace.
    There are only 200 companies across the United States that have adopted this sort of policy, which shows that they are rare; however, the total number of companies that offer them have more than doubled over the past decade as well. Companies that offer this sort of program say that they do so in order to allow new parents to have time to bond with their children, but there are other benefits that exist as well. For instance, it costs much less than implementing a plan such as on-site daycare, and it will also get employees to work much more quickly.

    For the professional mom who is sophisticated, enjoys storing things on the outside of  her bag and likes a lightweight feel on her shoulders the Sedalia is one of dapperbag's fashionable designer baby bags. This bag is bound to  get you a multitude of compliments. The leather is stunning and the gold details make it a classic, chic addition to any woman’s bag collection. The cross body conversion and back pack option make it a breeze to carry and the roomy interior is perfect for the mom looking for a medium size diaper  bag.

    Features of Sedalia Designer Baby Bags:

      • Ultra luxe black pebble leather (matte wax protective coating).
      • Brushed gold hardware.
      • Removable, adjustable, black nylon backpack straps.
      • Large hidden front pocket, (magnetic closure).
      • Large hidden back pocket, (magnetic closure).
      • Dual side pockets.
      • Studded strap and belt detailing.
      • Stain and water­resistant glazed turquoise interior.
      • Inside: zip pocket, dual bottle pockets (one with elastic, the other without), large  catch­all pocket, removable key strap with clasp.
      • Front pocket: 3 card slots and one phone pocket.
      • Removable matching round changing pad (clutch conversion).
      • Protective feet on bottom.
      • Reusable canvas tote.

      Check out the collection of designer baby bags at dapperbag.com today!

          Dapperbag Durango - The Best Diaper Bags Posted on 16 Sep 12:18

          What should a new mother look for in the best diaper bags? If you have any plans to take your baby out for the day, you'll definitely need to bring along a diaper bag with extra supplies, such as changes of diapers, bottles, and snacks. You can also store other belongings in the bag as well, such as toys, clothes, and even your own cell phone as well.
          The best diaper bags are fashionable, functional and stylish. Many of the best diaper bags, like Dapperbag's Durango, have a lot of extra sections and pockets for you to store things in. For the mom or dad who likes it classy, the Durango bag is the “Bentley” of the dapperbag collection. The Durango has ample space for storage including the hidden bottom compartment that allows for complete separation of mom’s stuff from baby’s items. The backpack transition allows you to go hands free within seconds and the whisky toned leather make it one of the best diaper bags to match with your favorite knee-high riding boots.
          Here are some of the basic things that you should look for when searching for the best diaper bags:
          This is the most important thing that should be considered first, both for yourself and your baby. Any good diaper bag should be able to fit all sorts of different things inside it, as well as allow them to be easily accessible without having them all crushed together in a jumbled mess. Generally, you should try to invest in a bag that has insulated pockets so that things such as snacks and bottles can be kept cool and separated from other items such as diapers. Of course, the amount of storage that you need will depend on how much stuff you will actually need to bring with you.
          When it comes to this, the lighter the diaper bag, the better, especially since you will be carrying it around for most of the day. While some bags may actually look light, you'd actually be surprised at how heavy they truly are.
          Easy Use
          Any good diaper bag should also be easy to use, especially when you suddenly find yourself busy with your baby and realize you forgot something important. The bag should be able to open wide enough to enable you to reach inside and look around. Additionally, the interior of the bag should be lightly lined to make it a lot easier to see everything that's going on.
          The way that the diaper bag closes should also be easy as well. Generally, a lot of diaper bags use zippers, velcro, or magnets; however, the best type of enclosure for a diaper bag is said to be a zipper. This is because it helps to ensure that the bag is tightly sealed and will make sure that nothing falls out whenever it gets knocked around.
          Easy-to-Clean Materials
          The material of a diaper bag is extremely important as well, especially the bag will get kicked around quite a bit, as well as get a lot of dirt, grime, and fluids on it. It's recommended that you go for a bag that's extremely easy to clean both inside and out. Furthermore, you should also be able to put it in the washing machine, if possible.

          Check out the best diaper bags, including the Durango, at dapperbag.com.

          Fashion Choices - Longmont Diaper Bag Backpack Posted on 16 Sep 12:05

          If you're a mom who's postpartum, chances are you're trying to make a decision regarding what you should wear. Luckily, there are some great tips that you can make note of to help you out with this. It's important to remember that getting back into shape after you've given birth takes time - generally between nine months and two years.
          When it comes to being a postpartum mom, you should never try to fit into your tight pre-pregnancy clothing. Not only will you end up getting frustrated, but these clothing items simply will not fit you. Only concentrate on wearing items that fit you well enough. Furthermore, dress yourself in a way that makes you appear taller, as well as considering ways to draw attention away from your stomach.
          Here are some of the best fashion choices that any postpartum mom should take into consideration:
          Traditional and Breastfeeding Bras That are a Great Quality
          This is an important factor to consider because lingerie is the overall foundation of your outfit. This means that a bra that is supportive, whether it's traditional or for breastfeeding, is needed in order to make an outfit look good on you.

          A Stylish Diaper Bag Backpack
          Not only can a stylish diaper bag backpack help to boost your self-confidence, it can be a practical solution to your traveling needs. For the mom who is on-the-go, loves having both hands free and carries the minimal. The Longmont diaper bag backpack is roomier than most handbags but is definitely not a“bring everything but the sink” bag. This bag is our CEO’s favorite. Since her girls are getting older she finds herself usually packing a few diapers, wipes, drinks and snacks, plus her personal items like wallet, cell and sometimes iPad. The greatest thing about the Longmont diaper bag backpack is that it goes with EVERYTHING. The black and brown leather combo allows it to compliment almost every wardrobe combination.

          Pants that Stretch and/or Have Elastic Waistbands
          These can be worn with either a tunic or large top. Furthermore, pants that are slouchy are great when they are paired with a semi-fitted top and either high heels or flat sandals in order to create a more stylish and relaxed look. On the other hand, if you prefer a look that is thinner or taller, avoid wearing pants that are either wide-leg or cropped.
          Semi-Fitted and Large Tops
          Not only are larger-sized tops more comfortable, but they also work well to hide your stomach as well. They can be worn with skinny jeans, leggings, and straight/slim pants for a figure that's more elegant and balanced in nature. However, it's important to keep a few things regarding this in mind. For starters, be careful regarding extra fit, as extra bulk can be added if a top is too large, which can make you appear to be larger than you actually are. Instead, invest in either a V-neck or U-neck for a much more slimmer appearance.

          If you are searching for that little extra something to make your days easier, more comfortable and more convenient, check out the Dapperbag Longmont diaper bag backpack today!

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