Basic Baby Care Questions And Answers Posted on 15 Aug 00:00

Question: What is the safest way for me to care for baby's nails?

Answer: The best way for you to care for your baby's nails is to simply use a file and to avoid cutting them. This is because the skin of your baby's fingers are typically attached to the back of the nail, which means that if you attempt to cut them in any way, you run the risk of accidentally cutting your baby's fingertip as well. Sure, the bleeding may be minor in nature and you may be able to quickly put a stop to it with just a little bit of pressure; however, this is a situation that can actually make you more upset than you really need to be.

No parents wants to see their baby hurt in any way, and that includes bleeding, even if it's only just a little bit! Generally, you will want to wait to actually cut your baby's nails until they are aged 18 months or older. Once they reach this age, cut their nails only while they are sleeping.

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Question: What is the best way to help prevent diaper rash?

Answer: First, it may be best to explain what diaper rash actually is. This is something that occurs whenever a baby's skin has been exposed to moisture for a long period of time. Furthermore, some babies' skin is much more sensitive than others. The best way that you can prevent diaper rash is to regularly apply a diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide. You can find this product in any pharmacy. This type of cream helps to prevent moisture from developing while your baby is wearing their diaper.

Additionally, you can also allow your baby to go without a diaper a few times a day. Just simply lay down a waterproof pad on the floor and let them lay down or crawl around! However, in the event that you begin to notice any itchy little red bumps around your baby's anus or genital folds area, consult your pediatrician immediately, as you may need to be prescribed an antifungal cream to fight this kind of infection.

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