My Pregnancy Journey With Bump Water Posted on 19 Jun 19:35

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So many moons ago, way back in December, my pregnancy journey started with Bump Water. If you have been following along on Instagram, you can check out a fun family day that we had at The Met, where my beloved drink was right by my side. Now here we are, 9 short weeks (hopefully sooner) away from meeting our baby girl that is already so very, very loved, and it’s right here still, by my side. Through city adventures, business meetings, and days behind the computer at home (mostly my norm), you can bet that Bump Water is within an arm’s reach.

Our pregnancy this time around seemed worlds apart from the first time. I’ve shared before how Branden was our little (very pleasant)  surprise and Chris and I got married whenever I was 7 months pregnant. This time, everything was pretty much planned as much as it could possible be, which is why I feel accurate referring to it as our little journey.

Bump Water has been a part of my life through conception and beyond. It isn’t even comparable to taking the horrible, huge prenatal vitamins each day because its so easy to guzzle down while on the go! It is packed full of 10 necessary prenatal vitamins and chock full of all the folic acid that you need each and everyday for your growing baby.

This baby bump gets bigger and bigger everyday, and I truly can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Yes, I’m exhausted pretty much all the time and have had some super rough days that have kept me as close to the bathroom as humanly possible (only the truth here!), but having this one thing making my life easier makes the world of a difference.

Made right here in the city, Bump Water is great to enjoy right out of the bottle or even added to your favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes. I have even poured it in a wine glass with ice and added some fresh fruit so that I could feel like I was enjoying a fresh, summer cocktail – without the guilt!

Like most pregnant women, I am overly cautious and overly concerned about everything that goes into my body, and knowing that Bump Water takes vitamin enhancement to a whole new level leaves me happy and relieved with every single sip. As an added bonus, it comes in sparkling or flat variety – whichever floats your boat or calms your stomach in the moment, right? Being all natural and either flavored lightly with organic cane sugar (100 calories per bottle) or with stevia (10 calories per bottle), it’s always the right choice for mamas!

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