Dapperbag Durango - The Best Diaper Bags Posted on 16 Sep 12:18

What should a new mother look for in the best diaper bags? If you have any plans to take your baby out for the day, you'll definitely need to bring along a diaper bag with extra supplies, such as changes of diapers, bottles, and snacks. You can also store other belongings in the bag as well, such as toys, clothes, and even your own cell phone as well.
The best diaper bags are fashionable, functional and stylish. Many of the best diaper bags, like Dapperbag's Durango, have a lot of extra sections and pockets for you to store things in. For the mom or dad who likes it classy, the Durango bag is the “Bentley” of the dapperbag collection. The Durango has ample space for storage including the hidden bottom compartment that allows for complete separation of mom’s stuff from baby’s items. The backpack transition allows you to go hands free within seconds and the whisky toned leather make it one of the best diaper bags to match with your favorite knee-high riding boots.
Here are some of the basic things that you should look for when searching for the best diaper bags:
This is the most important thing that should be considered first, both for yourself and your baby. Any good diaper bag should be able to fit all sorts of different things inside it, as well as allow them to be easily accessible without having them all crushed together in a jumbled mess. Generally, you should try to invest in a bag that has insulated pockets so that things such as snacks and bottles can be kept cool and separated from other items such as diapers. Of course, the amount of storage that you need will depend on how much stuff you will actually need to bring with you.
When it comes to this, the lighter the diaper bag, the better, especially since you will be carrying it around for most of the day. While some bags may actually look light, you'd actually be surprised at how heavy they truly are.
Easy Use
Any good diaper bag should also be easy to use, especially when you suddenly find yourself busy with your baby and realize you forgot something important. The bag should be able to open wide enough to enable you to reach inside and look around. Additionally, the interior of the bag should be lightly lined to make it a lot easier to see everything that's going on.
The way that the diaper bag closes should also be easy as well. Generally, a lot of diaper bags use zippers, velcro, or magnets; however, the best type of enclosure for a diaper bag is said to be a zipper. This is because it helps to ensure that the bag is tightly sealed and will make sure that nothing falls out whenever it gets knocked around.
Easy-to-Clean Materials
The material of a diaper bag is extremely important as well, especially the bag will get kicked around quite a bit, as well as get a lot of dirt, grime, and fluids on it. It's recommended that you go for a bag that's extremely easy to clean both inside and out. Furthermore, you should also be able to put it in the washing machine, if possible.

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