Designer Baby Bag Must Haves Posted on 16 Jun 16:09

Two things that you will need plenty of whenever you become pregnant are plenty of advice and a good designer diaper bag. Once you obtain the bag of your choice, regardless of what kind it is, there are some items in particular that you will need first and foremost.

The good thing is that this bag can be filled before your baby even arrives; however, it's highly recommended that you're as prepared as possible. Even though you may be extremely tired by the end of your pregnancy, you'll be even more tired by the time your baby is born, so being prepared is key.

Here are some of the most basic items that your newborn will need that will need to be listed as must-haves for your diaper bag (besides the obvious items: diapers).

Baby Wipes

These are items that should be bought in bulk because you will likely go through them a lot faster than you might think. Baby poo can come in many different forms, and these wipes will really help get rid of it; however, you'll need many of them to help get the job done. The traditional travel dispensers are useful; however, these can usually become emptied in around a day and will have to be refilled with a full pack of wipes.

Plastic Diaper Bags

These are extremely useful for getting rid of those smelly dirty diapers, especially since your baby will use the bathroom in their diaper anywhere and everywhere you take them. These bags are typically scented with something like fresh baby powder and are perfectly sized for placing a dirty diaper in before properly disposing of it.

Changing Pad

A lot of diaper bags come equipped with one of these. It can be laid anywhere and will not only protect the baby, but also the area in which they are being laid on in the event that they decide to start going either number one or number two the second you take their diaper off of them. In that case, all you would have to do is simply clean off the changing pad.

Change of Clothes

This will be extremely useful in the event that your baby makes a mess of some sort either while going to the bathroom or during feeding time. In situations such as those, packing an extra change of clothes will do the trick. Simply take the dirty clothes off of them and put the clean ones on, making sure you put the dirty ones in a plastic diaper bag to be cleaned later.


If you choose to use one of these for your child, be as patient as possible. Buy the smallest size according to the packaging and work with your newborn to attempt to get it into their mouth. They will have to learn on their own how to hold onto them. Once this happens, they will have a new way to help them calm down whenever they aren't able to get milk fast enough.

Extra Blanket

These are things that can easily fall on the floor often, and once that happens, you may not want to put it around your baby. This makes it handy to pack an extra blanket just in case.