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    Toy Safety Tips For Young Children Posted on 15 May 00:00

    As parents, it's always tempting to want to build up your young child's toy collection. However, choosing toys wisely is extremely important because if you aren't careful, the toys that you purchase for your child can end up harming them.

    Here are some important toy safety tips to make note of.

    *In children who are very young, excessive exposure to lead can be extremely dangerous, as this can cause their bodies to both absorb and retain this dangerous compound. In large amounts, lead can cause symptoms such as stomach pain, headaches, and even behavioral issues and anemia.

    *When purchasing toys for your children, be sure to check that the toys themselves are sturdy and don't break easily. You can do this by pressing hard on the toy. If it easily flexes, this is a sign that it may easily break, meaning it may not be suitable for your child. Furthermore, always be sure to take the time to read safety labels and warning instructions, as well as avoiding any toys that appear to be cheaply made. And, of course, always be sure that the toys you are thinking of purchasing are actually appropriate for the age of your child.

    *The toys that you purchase should never have any small-sized parts, sharp edges, magnets, exposed wires, etc. All of these types of things are safety hazards, especially for young children. Most notably, these can likely be swallowed and can cause serious internal damage to your child's body.

    *If you will be purchasing a battery-operated toy for your child, ensure that they are equipped with battery cases that have screws in order to prevent the child from being able to pry them open.

    *Shy away from purchasing balloons and other similar items for your young children, as these items can potentially be ingested, thereby creating a choking hazard.

    *Always thoroughly wash toys that are constantly played with by your young children, preferably every week. Wash the toys in hot water with an anti-bacterial soap before completely rinsing them.

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    Thinking About Homeschooling? Posted on 12 May 02:11

    Nowadays, a vast majority of parents are choosing to homeschool their children rather than sending them to a public or private school. If you are a parent who is considering taking on this kind of a responsibility, chances are you are probably wondering why parents choose to take this route rather than the more traditional schooling methods.


    Whenever children attend a normal school, they traditionally have to do things on a fixed schedule, which isn't necessarily suitable for every child. Children are meant to grow up at their own pace, meaning that following a set schedule might not be the best thing for them. Homeschooling is the best way to provide parents with a more flexible option, as they will be able to come up with their own curriculum that will better benefit their children, as well as select their own learning materials that they feel will be beneficial to their children's education.

    Customized Learning

    Perhaps the biggest part of a child's development is allowing them to discover new interests and opportunities that they really enjoy. Homeschooling allows parents to provide their children with the chance to explore their interests even further rather than allotting a certain amount of time to specific subjects. This is especially important for children who are more creatively inclined.

    Bonding Time

    One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that it allows parents to take the time to bond with their children and develop healthy relationships with them, which is something that is extremely important during their formative years. This is something that wouldn't be possible otherwise for children who attend a normal school.

    Learning Disabilities

    Children who suffer from learning disabilities may be able to do better in a homeschooling environment as opposed to a classroom full of students in a normal school. Parents will be able to provide one-on-one attention to their child and create a curriculum that ensures that their child succeeds at a pace that is comfortable enough for them.

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    Choosing a name for your child Posted on 5 May 00:00

    A big decision you will find yourself making as a parent is naming your child, whether you come up with a traditional name or something that's completely unique in nature. While coming up with a name sounds like a rather simple task, most parents feel that their child is truly unique, and that their name should reflect that uniqueness.

    A good name will help to enhance confidence; however, this doesn't mean that you should name your child after a genius. Here are a couple of useful tips that will help you come up with the perfect name for your child.

    Significance and Meaning

    Many parents choose names for their children that have some sort of a meaning or significance, with some believing that a certain name will help to influence their overall path. In some cultures, being named after a relative is common, while something like this is discouraged in other cultures. Those who follow particular religious faiths will also typically choose names that belonged to saints or names that are typically biblical in general.

    Spelling and Sound

    In the event that you decide to choose a name that is more unusual, you should do your best to make sure it is spelled the way that it should be pronounced. If you choose to go with a more traditional name, the regular spelling of it is normally the best. A more unusual spelling for a common name might seem like a good idea at first; however, in the long run, it really won't distinguish your child as much as you think it will. Furthermore, the name that you choose for your child should go well with your last name. Another great tip to keep in mind is to avoid choosing a first name that rhymes with your last name. Instead, choose a name that sounds appealing to the ear.

    After you choose a name for your child, chances are there may be some people who may not be too much in love with it. However, it's important to keep in mind that the only opinion that truly matters the most is your own, and that everyone who truly matters will grow to love the name of your child once they get to know them.

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